AMERICAN DIPPER (Cinclus Mexicanus)

When I walk along streams I often see a little slate colored bird that bobs up and down and has a wonderful trill. I enjoyed watching it and started looking for these water ousels. I believe that is the European version, but it has a nicer ring.

While hiking in Glacier Park, I spotted one hopping on the rocks at a waterfall. I was fascinated as the water was cascading down the mountain and running so fast that I couldn't believe it could dart around and go under the rushing water. They feed almost exclusively on aquatic insects and can remain submerged up to 10 seconds. I thought it would get carried away by the current. I watched and located the nest appearing to be stuck to the side of the waterfall.

When my pictures arrived back after the trip, I noticed the opaque covering on the birds eye. I believe this is the membrane the bird uses to safeguard its eyes when underwater.





I like watching the Dippers and when going near streams in the mountains I always look for them. When you go on your hikes I know you will like looking for them too.






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